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Vinyl Flooring Liverpool

When it comes to waterproof flooring, Vinyl is an excellent choice.
We are the biggest stockist of sheet Vinyl Flooring in Liverpool,
offering you a huge choice of qualities and styles.

Vinyl Flooring has evolved substantially over the years, and now offers
a highly durable multi-layer flooring that is great in kitchens and bathrooms,
and many types are ideal for heavy-traffic and commercial areas.

It is easy to clean and offers an inexpensive solution in many different styles:
see below just a small handful of examples from our range including
Tile, Stone, Wood, and plain colour effects and patterns.

Many more in stock.

Examples of Vinyl, Lino & Cushion Flooring in stock

Riven Slate

Como Oak

Eiger Oak

Smoked Chevron

Platinum Chevron

Venice Tile


Original Chevron



Victorian Tile Mono

Victorian Tile Trend


Aged Oak


On The Ceiling

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Vinyl, Lino and Cushion Flooring FAQs

Do you fit vinyl?

Yes, we are happy to offer our expert fitting service on vinyl as well as other flooring types purchased from us.

Our vinyl flooring fitting service costs just £3 per square yard – just let us know if you want fitting included in your quote.

If you want us to uplift and remove your old flooring at the same time for an additional fee, just let us know and we can arrange this for you. 

What is a wear layer?

You will often see the term ‘Wear Layer’ when shopping for vinyl flooring.

The wear layer is a clear top surface layer, added during the manufacturing process to provide durability, as well as stain and scratch resistance for vinyl flooring.

The greater (thicker) the wear layer, the higher the durability as well as stain and scratch resistance.

When deciding on which level of wear layer is right for you, consider how you’ll be using the area for your new flooring.

If you have a high traffic area, such as a busy household with children and pets, it is beneficial to choose a thicker wear layer so that you can enjoy the design on your new flooring for longer.

What is the best thickness of vinyl flooring?

The most suitable thickness of vinyl will depend on the requirements of your job.

The thickness of the vinyls we offer typically ranges from 2mm to 4mm, and it’s important to bear in mind that the thickness of the wear layer is just as important as the total thickness.

A thicker vinyl provides more cushion underfoot but can compress more over time particularly in high traffic areas.

A thinner vinyl (overall) but with a thicker wear layer would give you a more hard-wearing option.

How do I maintain my vinyl flooring?

Vinyl flooring has many benefits, which include how easy it is to clean and look after.

Vinyl flooring is designed to be hard wearing and able to withstand the daily demands of high footfall areas without compromising on style.

Simply sweep or vacuum your vinyl flooring regularly and wipe up any spillages straight away.

It is also beneficial to clean your vinyl floor with a damp (not sodden) mop and a mild detergent to keep it looking its best for longer. 

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