Artificial grass Liverpool. The cheapest and biggest selection of artificial grass in Merseyside.

Artificial Grass Liverpool

Transform your outdoor spaces with artificial grass from Longstaffes.

Ideal for those who want a low-maintenance lawn alternative – make gardening easier with our
affordable range of artificial grasses that emulate the look and feel of a consistently green lawn.

With prices starting at just £4.99 per square yard, you can combine the natural appearance and underfoot sensation of grass in a product that is more cost-effective over time.

We keep a wide range and significant stock of this innovative product in
our showroom so that you can takeaway or arrange delivery today.

Key Benefits of Artificial Grass

Artificial Grass is
Low Maintenance

Save yourself time and money that you’d otherwise spend on up-keep. This brings significant benefits to anyone that wants attractive, low maintenance landscaping and play areas.

Artificial Grass Gives an
All-Year Round Green

Say goodbye to patchy lawns, muddy shoes and filthy pets’ paws in your home! Our affordable artificial turf solutions are pleasing to the eye no matter what season it is.

Artificial Grass is
Cleaner and Safer

Safe for children and pets, the range of applications goes far beyond domestic lawns – from patios and terraces to pool surrounds and commercial / promotional areas, we’ve got you covered!

Artificial Grass
Saves Water

As artificial grass doesn’t need watering, there are additional benefits for those on water meters or subject to hosepipe bans, which makes a huge difference especially in warmer months.

Types of Artificial Grass


Widths: 4 & 5 metre
Thickness: 20mm


Widths: 4 & 5 metre
Thickness: 40mm


Width: 4 metre
Thickness: 28mm


Width: 4 metre
Thickness: 40mm


Widths: 4 & 5 metre
Thickness: 30mm


Width: 4 metre
Thickness: 35mm


Widths: 4 & 5 metre
Thickness: 28mm


Widths: 4 & 5 metre
Thickness: 38mm

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Artificial Grass FAQs

Where can I install artificial grass?

One of the great things about artificial grass is that it can be installed on almost any surface. This includes but is not limited to: a decked patio, hard or concrete areas, or indeed your existing lawn!

What are the key considerations around installing my new artificial grass?

There are a few key things to consider:

• ensure the drainage is good

• use a consistent quality & thickness of grass to maintain the overall look & finish

• Treat the area where the grass is to be fitted with weed killer thoroughly before you install your artificial grass, and ideally twice a year thereafter, to prevent weeds poking through.

Is artificial grass safe for children and pets?

Yes – another key benefit of artificial grass is that it is safe for both children and pets, giving a cleaner alternative to traditional lawns that can all too easily become patchy, causing muddy footprints or paw prints through your home.

Also perfect for anyone who dislikes weeds staring back at them!

Who is artificial grass suitable for?

The possibilities are endless! We continue to supply domestic customers as well as working with contract customers, including landscapers and builders, on projects as varied as patios, roof terraces, swimming pool surrounds and commercial / promotional areas. Simply get in touch with us to discuss your requirements and hear how we can help.

Do I need to do anything to keep my artificial grass clean?

One of the biggest benefits of artificial grass is removing the upkeep of a lawn. Say goodbye to mowing and edging! That said, there are some recommended actions to improve the longevity of your artificial grass and keep it looking at its best for longer. For example, keep the bushes and trees around your artificial grass trimmed so that they don’t drop too much

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